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A wooden flooring is a big investment in a home or office building as it brings charm and exquisiteness to the interiors. But just as much pleasing as they appear, they do require a good degree of care, otherwise they will start looking dull and may lose their vitality. Nonetheless, even a good amount of care cannot completely protect them from showing signs of ageing in some time because of the amount of walking traffic that they have to bear. But similar to all expensive floors, like marble and ceramic tiles, there is a process with which you can bring back its original lustre without having to indulge in high-cost methods like installation of a new floor. For a wooden floor, we use the method of wood floor sanding which is a multifarious method including various stages through which the floor has to go through before it can shine like a brand new flooring once again. To put it in a few simple words, during the floor sanding process, the floor is first thoroughly inspected by our skilled workers; then if they approve it for sanding, we clear out all the debris and prepare the floor for sanding. Proper preparation is the key to floor sanding success and it also ensures a long life of the new finish.

We do offer a lot of different services:

Wood Floor Sanding – Floor Repair – Gap Filling – Varnishing – Restoration – Refinishing – Fitting – Refurbishment, Laminate, Engineered, Solid, Parquet. Oak, Chestnut, Maple, Cherry

So if the wooden floor at your office or house has dulled out then don’t fret yourself over trying to get a new wooden floor installed. Contact us first because we can get you a really good offer on wood floor sanding and a good discount is not the only perk of hiring us; you will also become entitled to the best wood floor sanding service in town. Imagine having saved yourself from the trouble and from spending thousands on a new floor when your old wooden floor can be transformed into a completely new floor itself. Of course we are going to substitute the planks with new ones but what we are going to do is scrape off the top surface of the existing floor to reveal a fresh skin from underneath. This new layer is then going to be sanded, polished and protected with a final layer of sealant. With the choice of colours that we have in wood stains, your once old wooden floor really is going to gain a complete makeover that will even make you wonder if it really is the same. You can choose to have it stained with any of the colours that are popular these days or even have the natural tone of the wood flooring highlighted by opting for a natural and clear varnish. The choice is completely yours. And if you want, we will be happy to offer our advice as we have worked on different floors and in different areas and know what usually comes out looking best.

When you hire us, then why worry. We are the kind of experts who complete our job with complete honestly and faithfully.

Wooden flooring installation can prove to be expensive; but if you are willing to make that kind of investment in your home then good on you. If you really want to build up the value of your home then go for the Parquet wood flooring installation. In order to build up the parquet flooring, especially cut wood planks are used that fit diagonally on the sides to the other planks forming an angular pattern. Because of the angular fit many geometric designs can be produced. For example one of the most popular designs these days is the Herringbone design inspired from the herringbone fish. Each plank is adjusted in reverse angle with the last one making an angular wavy pattern throughout. However as leading floor fitters London, we also offer many other designs from which you can choose.

Our wood flooring fitters would be happy to illustrate the different designs which are incorporated in the parquet flooring. Once you visit our floor fitters London offices, be sure to ask about the basket-weave design (another very popular pattern), the Chevron, Versailles, Bretton Cross and the Carreux. Our wood floor fitter can also incorporate various other pleasing designs around the edges or corners to give it a more unique look. Combining that with the type of wood, stain and finish you choose, our wood flooring fitters can build up a customized pattern which is unique to your home only. Parquet flooring produced from a luxurious wood type exudes warmth and a rich pattern to your room and can easily last a lifetime if the wood flooring layers have been installed properly and if proper care is taken afterwards. We can handle the installation and will guide you about the post-installation care.

Although the installation of parquet flooring is going to cost you a hefty amount, it can build up the value of your home many times more than its cost. However choosing the right floor fitters London, is also very important for that. Parquet flooring can only be built up beautifully on a completely levelled floor but don’t fret if your house has imbalanced floor because our experienced experts have many tricks up their sleeve that can level the floor gorgeously before building the parquet flooring on top. If you are interested in having a parquet floor in your home, then visit our offices and choose from a variety of wood that can be used for these patterns. We offer gorgeous oak, walnut, cherry, Burmese teak and some others. So make a call and book an appointment with us.