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If you are getting a wooden floor installed or repaired for the first time, well, you need not be too anxious as this isn’t a rocket science and you will find endless number of such service providers in the market. The tougher part is getting the right services providers. You can be rest assured that when you hire us, you are not only getting one of the best service of sanding and repairing your wood floor, but also well within your budget. We don’t believe in cutting corners or taking shortcuts. Whenever you find any issues arising with the floor wood floor fitting services, there are high chances that the contractors were a little casual when providing services. There’s plenty that can go wrong if wood floor repair or installation is done casually by the contractors hired for the task. Moisture is the number one enemy of wood and unfortunately, many installers do not take the right steps to handle it. We always measure the temperature and relative humidity and make a careful inspection of the house exterior to keep the moisture away. The customers should know that wood being a natural material will gain and loses moisture with the seasons and they should expect swell and shrink. Hence, expect some seasonal gaps.

Some of the most common problems we come across installation done by inexperienced or lazy contractors over an inappropriate subfloor. Our experts will give extra attention to the Subfloors and prepare them and make sure that they are flat, dry and clean enough before wood floor fitting and installation process so as to get that perfect results. We all know very well that most rooms aren’t perfectly square and therefore, our wise and expert installers plan well ahead so as to get continuous running flooring in the house. Our team often comes across last work done by some lazy wood floor installers and can clearly see the look of dissatisfaction on the face of the customer. Our wood floor restoration experts will go to any length to get rid of a these anomalies, no matter how time-consuming it is. Thus, with us you can expect a professional job without any nasty moments. We also come across bad racking jobs. Well, the truth is that racking a floor is not a difficult task and just needs a careful thought process. Not nailing enough is another common problem. This is a shortcut taken by most floor installers and they think that they can get away with it. However, these shortcuts will soon lead to a series of other problems that will sooner or later arise. The most basic inspection can reveal these shortcuts. Floors without sufficient fasteners will soon become loose and are more prone to gaps.

Hire our reputable company for any of your needs related to wooden flooring and you can be rest assured that no shortcuts would be taken and you will get the most perfect results, every time.  Get in touch with our helpful customer care right away.

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