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Why do we sand a wooden floor? Well, different people would have different answers to the questions. One could get the wood floor sanding done for repairing their floor or changing the color or the finish sheen. Some might be looking for restoring the beauty of a wood floor.  There could be a couple of more answers to that, however, the prime reason to go for sanding a wooden floor is to breathe new life and add a fresh look to the floor. Thus, if you are looking for any kind of wood floor restoration, you can count on our services. One should not make the mistake of following any DIY techniques as this is a highly technical task and you will need a good professional flooring contractor for the task like us. A typical nail-down wood floor can be easily re-sanded several times in expert hands. Hiring an incompetent or an inexperienced hand can lead to undesired results and even permanent damage of the floor. Therefore, it is a job of huge responsibility and our expert and experience team knows very well how to protect the floor when sanding as well as make the results worth for the customer’s investment.

There are endless numbers of wood floor repair service providers. What makes us a cut above the rest is our vast experience in this field and a long list of satisfied clients. We are known for offering best results at affordable prices. Moreover, you will never find us cutting some corners and skipping important steps in the process of floor sanding. Each and every step is necessary for the procedure so that you get that long lasting and elegant floor you’ve always dreamt of. The truth is that there are way too many contractors in the hardwood flooring business who are in a hurry to make some quack money and most of them take advantage of the ignorance of their customers. For example, when sanding the floor, they will skip the essential steps like punching down the nails or vacuuming the floor before applying the wood filler. You never need to fear all those issues with you hire us. Our team is made of highly skilled professionals who love their job and are passionate about their work.

For example, you will find our experts hand sanding after scraping the floor, especially for those hard to reach areas and points. Getting the fine coat of finish too is very important. Don’t get carried away by contractors promising you 3 coats of finishes. It is likely that they will never tell you the truth about floor finishes and the result is that you end up getting less than what was promised to you. The truth is that there is a certain time of the application for each individual coat.

There is no need to stress you out over completion of a flooring project or getting it repaired. Just get in touch with us as help is just a call away. After all, we understand that a lot of money and time is invested by you in your lovely wooden floor. Do not entrust the task to flooring contractor who is not experienced enough or believes in taking short cuts.

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Wood Floor Sanding Fitting, Repair West London
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